Frequency Café Studios

What is Frequency Café Studios? Before you ask no, we do not specialize in creating lattes or cappuccinos.

We specialize in tailoring for you soundscapes, sound effects, podcasts and mixes worthy of the 21st millennium.

What we provide is not only quality productions of your audio projects and professional sound design services, but also a very welcoming atmosphere and guidance to your project when you need to have another creative mind in play.

 The Frequency Café is a dream that is being realized by a man, who on a sunny March day during his second year of high school, thought that he wanted to create something unique and worthy of the modern world.

That idea was, of course, this site. A place where anyone can find easily a new sound to their daily lives and a place where the harmony of audio presents itself not only in written form through our blog, but also as direct links and connections to your new daily playlist add.

Our next step is to go beyond simple audio production, and slowly start producing other types of media productions from small commercials to game development. Stay tuned for that time to arrive.

Simply put;
We are the center for the projects you deserve.