Who’s Sebastian?

You know, writing an introduction always feels weird because you need to do the whole “how’s it going fellas” or something that has a nice quip to it, but let’s derive from that norm a bit.

So, hello there reader, welcome to my blog.

I know I know, “A blog again, damn there is already a sea of those”. Probably true, but I can assure you, there are plans to get Frequency Café way more out there up and running.

Right so, I am Sebastian, a dude that won the lottery and became a filthy rich little man.

Hah, I wish. No, I am a freelance sound designer. I love music, sound and crafting soundscapes for clients and I want to further myself in the world of media by trying everything there is to do.

Not sure what else to write, usually at this point I try to captivate you with a nice quote or something motivational, but instead I will get straight to the point:

Critique me.

I want to write you articles and the content you deserve and get to talk to you because, as a reader, you deserve amazing content.

Right, so, that does it. I need to get back to a few things and get the project going.

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