MUSIC: Marius Circus – Apt

Composed by Marius Circus, Apt is, aptly, an electronic piece that is a nice reminder of that time when you went to the beach in the summer evening and strolled down the road, listening to the breeze, looking at the stars and the waves.

Apt is another sweet piece from Marius’ “In The Garden” line of EPs, along with Shorelines, Veggepysj and Roger Wilco’s Night Out.

What caught my ear the most is that sweet undertone of reversed flute followed by a drum track and bass line that boost each other so well it’s basically a full on melody of amazing undertones and low frequencies churning in your cochlea.

Another little piece of amazingness is how the synthesizer sets the mood after the first minute, urging you to that night stroll. The percussion, plucky and reminding me of those bamboo water seesaws from Japan keep on adding to the personality, further emphasising the feel of nature through an electronic piece.

Coming out soon, be on the lookout on Marius’ Bandcamp!

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