MUSIC: Pierre Mortiz – Jsors Le Coxis Du Fémur

Hooooly damn what pure funkyness this is.

Pierre Moritz brings out an amazing piece of jazzy house through not only amazing sampling of dialog lines but also with a sax and bass that liven up the rhythmic properties of this sweet nectar of music.

What brings out the best in Jsors Le Coxis Du Fémur (for the non-french there it means I Am Taking Out The Coccyx From The Femur. Huh, how about that, anatomy students.) is the nonstop wave of instruments oozing out a ballad urging you to either bop your head to the beat or get the hell up and jam it.

I heavily recommend the rest of Pierre Moritz’s Soundcloud, it’s not only as energetic as this piece but it brings out so much life and soul that you can bet this year will be an amazing year for house music.

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