MUSIC: L’Impératrice – Matahari

Splandeur, grandeur, groove!

L’Impératrice, by far one of the biggest influencers in the french house scene to date, comes out with Matahari, an amazing story of a detective undergoing a funky investigation on a broad he has the sweets for.

I need to go out and say it: every selling point of the songs that L’Impératrice does is the amazing story that is relayed through the songs and the music videos (each as impressive as the other, may I add).

And every song is simply a melody that jumbles up melancholy, energy and drive so well together it seems like any emotion is the right emotion for every song.

Especially Matahari, it’s music video’s story (cheesy detective flick by the way, I love it.) demands investment like nothing before and it’s a rollercoaster of intrigue, mystery and melancholy followed by the drive of the groove!

Keep on replaying that song, I swear, never gets old!

Be ready to grab your Matahari vinyl on March 2nd 2018!

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