ALBUM: Mounika – Walking Good


What else than a French artist to sample French clips to a soothing album of pure mixed amazingness?

Mounika Opens up his new album Walking Good with Quand Le Temps, bringing in autumn vibes and old French vocals that simply scream of Paris in the 1930’s, but maybe with more swing to it than the swaying music that Edith Piaf coined well in her hayday.

Right after it, To The Beach promotes an air of bliss in a cruise, just you riding a boat out there, to the setting sun. You see the image? Own it, let To The Beach get you to the destination.

Un Soir De Mai, on the other hand, drops you out from that cruise to an older time period of Paris, where you stroll along avenues in an early morning, seeing the neighbourhood cafés opening up and the seeping smell of freshly baked pain au chocolat creeping around the streets while the boulangeries creak the doors slowly open.

And boom, right through that, you turn left, there’s a street band playing and Je T’attends blazes up, like a ballad meant for the people of the street to come and dance to the rhythm, to let the right step one two get hold of the hips.

One story after another. Nobody But Me, StreetPlayer, 45 and Bambino.

A great mix of jazz-hop music and a few dribbles of electro-swing, Walking Good feels like an add to any music afficionado out there.

Do it, I assure you this album is one to keep on replaying, and now that summer is almost around the corner, this is the one that you should use to start off the heat right!

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