ALBUM: Brown Lounge, Vol. 4 by Letherette


Part of the Brown Lounge series, the Letherette duo brings forth an album filled with very soothing lo-fi music followed by clear and crisp samples doused with a thick layer of drums, guitars, bass, synths… you name it.

Starting the album off is Me Myself, a very classic lo-fi beat following the good old formula created by Grammatik with it’s well edited sampled vocals, street credible strings and bass heavy kick drums. It’s basically a warm welcome to a calm, joyous ride of dreamy music.

On the complete opposite spectrum joins in what is hands down the star song of the album, I Need You. It’s the purest possible midway in vapourwavey house laced with synthwavey pop. Yeah, crazy right? Believe me, this song is a soothing breath of fresh air allowing itself to be defined as a completely other entity. The synth takes control, the drums keep their corner well protected and the occasional sampled vocals are very well pitched and equalised to sound conjoined to the synthesizers.

Through I Need You, the song shifts to Green that clearly is a direct continuation of the vibes and energies conveyed by I Need You, laced with more acoustic elements and warm percussions, reminding me of a more toned down Wu Tang track. (That’s a good thing. Wu Tang is amazing but at times they kinda break my speakers. In a good way.)

From all this, we go forward and arrive to Beef Gun, a gritty and harsh beat oozing of street vibes reminiscent to the streets of New York in the 90’s when tuned out cars were a thing and gangs were cruising around, walking down the streets like they own them.

Ending it all is a reminder of where we started. Nautilus acts as a form of blast to the past, very classic jazzy lo-fi music. Soothing, warm and cold, very autumny with the snare drum, smooth hi-hat and the classy piano keeping the flow up and emphasising the mood.

It’s a calm end to an otherwise energetic album, something that is always needed when getting taken by the flow. Why end it harshly when you can end it calmly while still wanting more?

Then you get the option to play the Brown Lounge Vol 4 (Continuous Mix) which means exactly what it says: It’s the entire album compiled into a single track, a replay of all the amazing tracks Letherette created.

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