MUSIC: Harrison – Atmosphere (Feat. Daniela Andrade)

Remember that summery feel when you went to lay down on a windy meadow after a long walk, feeling the wind caress your face as you let the gentle grass pillow you in in a nirvana of cosiness (and dirt) while seeping in all the positive energy of the universe?

If not, Harrison’s Atmosphere will surely get you to that feeling of bliss. It is electronic music in the pure form, emanating sounds very reminiscent of 90’s drive music (unironically the tag in Harrison’s SoundCloud does mark this song as #drive)

The bass does not feel on your face which is the unfortunate case of many new wave electronica, it is very mellow and rather easy on the ears.

Along with the percussions and the wavy synth along with the very dreamy vocals of Daniela Andrade, this is a single that most definitely fits damn well in any playlist who wants to have a song to relax to and get lost into.

More so the pure feel-good vibe the song has is what really captivated me; it’s comparable to a full dive in a clear sea if you catch my meaning.

Just the pure flow of music, there is nothing much more to say.

Go get Harrison’s Atmosphere through here:


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