MUSIC: Mick Jenkins – Elephant In The Room


Mick Jenkins, already having established himself as a very unique rap/hiphop artist, must be one of the most ranged lyrical geniuses I have listened to so far.

With his breakthrough song Drowning (which I listen to basically three times a day. Fight me.) he returns in with Elephant In The Room, a clear differentiation to the usual boom bap Mick Jenkins implements in his music.

Produced by Martin $ky & THEMpeople, the very clear sound and tones with the electronica makes the Elephant In The Room have a more unique approach to modern rap. This is a fresh breath of air in a market saturated with very copy-paste notes to the rhythmics.

Not only that, but if you follow the lyrics of the music video (Lyric video? Visualiser? Damn the terms are never ending i swear..) you can see that this is also not only a great storm of verses, it is also a clear protest and an ode to deep rooted remembrance. Give it a read while you listen, you will see what I mean.

What catches me very well with this piece is the unpredictability of both the lyrics and percussions; it all just seams in so well, I guess the term “chaos can be beautiful” really sets in for Elephant In The Room.

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