ALBUM: Rob Nasty – Def By Demonstration


As a little derivation from the basic album review and articles, I decided to jump into the newest that Bandcamp has to offer and let me tell you it’s pure awesomeness through and through.

Rob Nasty decided for this album to take in an ensemble of musicians to create Def By Demonstration, a very fresh breath of jazz amalgamated with some elements of groove, latin rock and funk.

The album itself through a listen feels like a near natural implementation to any playlist missing it’s dedicated jazz album.

It’s so natural in flow that you can feel the energy emanating from every percussion, drum kick, bassline… well you get my meaning.

The mix itself is very well made, the transition between songs very smooth and unnoticeable, like a nonstop band, feel to it.

Tracks like Peppered Path Of Phunk, To Build A Better Mouse Trap and Forged By Fire show the amazing versatility of the band Rob Nasty got together for the album. One is pure rock with jazz elements, another is obvious heavy metal (but the good kind, not the weird screechy kind. Looking at you trash metal.) and then you got what I guess I would call very energetic funk-jazz-rock.

The album is, by all means, a full on spice rack: you got everything you need right in an arm’s reach.

A pinch of everything into your stew and boom, you got the best damn stew momma ever taught you to cook.

Personally, I was never a fan of what I’d call more bass-heavy rock or heavy metal, but this album changed a good few things on that regard.

I feel like every song compliments the next one so well the album does not feel at all unnatural.

Many artists have tried to implement multiple genres in their albums or EPs yet a very few feel well mixed and mastered, so massive kudos to Luis Flores who did the mixing and mastering for this album.

The song lengths are not even bad at all; clocking at around 4:30 minutes per average, it’s all a nice tidy package I gladly would listen to when walking in town, going for a jog or overall just having it in the background playing at home.

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