SINGLE: Flight Facilites – Crave You (Artikal Sound System Cover)


Artikal Sound System, a band specializing in reggae music released in May 2018 their cover single Crave You, originally performed by Flight Facilities.

The song itself already an icon of the 2010’s has been rejuvenated to a funkier and laid back feel thanks to the vocals of their lead singer and the amazing accompaniment of the band.

Hints of rock here and there, a nonstop flow of very Wailers-esque (or Grammatik-esque, depends on who you ask) background synth and that very clear easy to hear reggae percussion add so much more to the piece; you just simply can’t resist to bob your head or sway side to side to this song.

I am serious about this, while I write to you I am literally swaying left and right, now THAT is true musical energy.

Thoroughly enjoyable and something that you’d imagine hearing in a very moody speakeasy club, Artikal Sound System clearly is a band that is hitting new levels of modern reggae.

Go check out Artikal Sound System’s main site and their social media:

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