EP: Joy O & BenVince – Transition 2/ Systems Align



Under the label of Hessle AudioJoy O and BenVince released in May of 2018 their two-sided vinyl EP Transition 2/ Systems Align, a very classic render of ambient electronica with Boiler Room-esque vibes that you can imagine in an unsolicited party in an abandoned warehouse.

Starting off with Transition 2, there are very clear references to trains with the rather entrancing and smooth whistles, while the bassline itself guides back to the jamming session itself; percussions and synths coming together with the sequences, the mish-mash of all these elements clearly is a perfect rendition of that very classic house tune: super chill, very underground and energetic.

From side A of the EP, we jump to side B with Systems Align, this time going to a slightly grimier version of house music. Strong bass kicks push you right into a more tribal composition; synths first alluring you that it will go to the familiar pattern but no, after the 0:51 mark you will hear how the arpeggiation suddenly greets you with background trumpets, reverbed into a near whale-like screech. The rest, you will see. Prepare for a digital tribal dance.

Overall it is clear why Joy O and BenVince teamed up for this shared EP, it is clear that their sounds are very similar and I can’t wait to see what else they will come up with.

Usually, I find this kind of ambient electronic music rather dull. There are many instances where it can simply just become completely gray: it is always the same old bass sequence, kick, hi-hat and synth arpeggio.

But not on this album, sure Joy O and BenVince follow the same layouts as ambient electronic music, but they add their clear own spices into this mix. A dribble of tribality here and there, another pinch of urbanism and post-modernism there… basically, it all simply works.

If you are not that much of a fan of electronic music, I highly recommend this EP. In fact, I placed my order for a vinyl and I don’t have a vinyl player! Yet.

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