ALBUM: Sunstroke Bloodpool by Silent Laika


Fully charged with emotions ranging from apathy to love, Silent Laika flows their soundwaves into our ears with Sunstroke Bloodpool, an indie rock/ alternative album filled with a lot of songs that remind me deeply of both the Arctic Monkeys and Gorillaz.

The quartet composed of Jacob Mundt, Lewis Parker, Asbjørn Mathorne & Arto Louis does such an amazing job at bringing in an album oozing of a form of feeling like you would be in a warehouse live gig, just such amazing energy in every track.

Personally, I found Champagne Emoji to be their piece de resistance. A lot of emotion in it, encompassing the full length of the melancholy of love, the good memories but also the coming to terms of the other half simply not being good for you. Along with nods to emojis, this is a nice take with modern lingo on a classic subject in this genre of indie rock.

What mainly took me in though was how every song has unique instrumentals while the vocals stitch the whole album together extremely well making them dreamy, filled with attitude and pleasant to listen to.

All while listening to the album I felt a simple need to sway. You know what I mean, right? Just a feeling of letting this flow take me in and lull me to a simulation of a meetup with friends, corking a few cold ones, enjoying a nice campfire and kidding around. How I envisioned this album, basically.

One thing that made me sad was how there is no vinyl nor cassette release (or CD, but who collects those anymore, am I right?) so I can only hope that Silent Laika will release their albums physically someday.


Pretty please?

Go check out Silent Laika’s Bandcamp and pick up Sunstroke Bloodpool from there:

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