TRACK: What’s In My Heart by VIGI


Time capsuling back to the good old grooves of the 1980’s, VIGI comes up with it’s track What’s In My Heart a song that is part of his up and coming release French Honey.

A pure, no holes barred disco jam that is so true to the source material that it feels like one of those hidden gems you find from a vinyl thrift store.

With a flute ensemble along with the horns on the background and an amalgamation of both electronic and acoustic drums along with the classic alto sax and basslines, this release that is sponsored by NDYD Records is a clear homage to Donna Summer’s type of music.

I just love this song so much! Just the feel of going back to the time with a cassette player on the hip and just jamming along to the sweet tunes is a very warm feeling.

Give this track a listen, I can assure you that if you never heard true disco, this is a perfect modern take to the classic genre.

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