ALBUM: Calendar Project by Feverkin

Releasing the 14th of November 2018 but available to listen on Bandcamp already, Feverkin graces our ears with an album aptly named Calendar Project, a mix and match of very chill instrumentals followed by an amazing ambiance.

Easily remembered, each and every track is simply named after every month of the year, from January to December. Each song representing it’s respective time of the month very well and staying true to very laid back attitudes, stumbling upon Calendar Project was an accident that I hoped to happen.

Starting off with January, a form of melancholy to the end of winter is easily heard, with percussions to match and very deepening harp, I love every second of this song and I knew that the first 20 seconds got me in deep to the auditory world created by Feverkin.

And to the middle of the year, we flow to June, with a summery harp inviting into a song that clearly invites the heart of summer into it. Towards the end, crescendoing to a more upbeat drum track along with what I guess is a form of background kalimba, the entire song is covering such a vast soundscape along with its very immersive cricket ambiance, beckoning of a wheat field in the summer.

And by the end of the year, what hit me the hardest was the amazing track of October started by the ethereal wailing of a woman panning from left to right. This track itself yells autumn, it is like a melancholic ode to the end of nature’s liveliest months and the welcome to the cold winter. Like a very sad berceuse to nature, gently letting her fall to sleep so we can meet her again next year.

What surprised me most was not only the music but the videos associated with each and every song; showing the process of how each track was composed and the instruments used to create this vast soundscape. Definitely fell in love with the use of the steelpans.

All in all not only was the mixing amazing in this album, but composure itself is also clear with perfect panorama and use of reverbs. You can hear the very distinct room tone too, the mixing itself clearly kept to emphasize space.

Which I guess is what this entire album is about. The space around us, the space we want to be in every month represented by tracks masterfully crafted by Feverkin.

Whether your favourite time of the year is spring, summer, autumn or winter, Calendar Project is an album that for me redefined the usage of sound design in music. I haven’t even picked my Album Of The Year yet, but this one definitely takes the cake.

For a while, I saw that implementing ambiance in music and using it as the base premise of a song might be near impossible due to the unpredictable nature of, well, nature. But clearly, I was mistaken. Feverkin showed that when the right minds are working at the right time, an amazing album can be made in harmony with nature herself.

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