And who said that funk was dead? DJ MARRRTIN keeps the sound of that action packed genre well alive with his single Tango Hustle, which is part of the up and coming album Tango Hustle / Arash1 / Kills that is to be published by Stereophonk, a French label and pure treasure trove of full albums and tracks that ooze the unadulterated energy of genres like funk, bebop, and jazz.

Not even wasting a single second of the groove, Tango Hustle is a track with musical power to be reckoned with, mainly empowering the oh so classique feel of the plucking electric guitar. Not only that but also the piano that emanates bebop style vibes with it’s smooth arpeggio. In layman’s terms, the piano is amazing.

What are you waiting for? Go pick up the pre-order vinyl here:

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