The Other Fantasy by Ed Longo, a promising modern take on jazz.

Remember how I said that funk ain’t dead on the previous article? At the other side of the coin, Ed Longo is rejuvenating jazz with The Applied Arts Ensemble, a group of mainly jazz musicians from all around Europe. The fifth entry to the roster of Early Sounds Recordings seems definitely to be their best lift-off to 2019 with a very interesting concept.

Even though the album will be published on January 2019, we are greeted with an amazing introduction to this ambiguous project: Love On The Line. Starting off on a rather italo disco-y tone, we get more and more deepened into the soft bed of jazz through tinges of funk starting off with a wavy synth followed by a mellow flute,  urging us into a dream state-esque groove. The drums themselves give the perfect BPM to tap to, and slowly every element including the ethereal female vocals come together into a full track that is just waiting for a radio release.

Mark January 28 2019 folks, that’s when the EP will drop and when we can listen to what is Ed Longo’s strongest introduction of the upcoming year.

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