Rap made from France, with attitude.

Juste Shani, a french rapper extraordinaire has hit a beat and bars like no other with her upcoming EP Quelle Idée?

Fairly unique in it’s composition, the EP (which will be on sale January 13 2019, by the way) is a very good celebration of rap and boom-bap music, combining elements from all genres ranging from trap to slight tunes of jazz.

A small package of four tracks, we start off with Faux Départ, which for those of you who don’t know French means False Start. A protest against being forced to molds and being mislead in terms of a career life and one’s own life overall, Faux Départ pretty much allows you to enjoy the rhythm that is fairly classic to French rap but twisted to the roots of rap: acting as a protest against certain dents in society.

Jump to Kirikou, the second track of the album (which is probably named after an amazing animated movie of the same name) and we get a full on different vibe from Shani’s first song. Following a more modern rap background, Kirikou drives on forward a more powerful tone in terms of her independence from people which comes up in the lyrics. A massive fresh air to the modern rap ambience, this one is a massive win in my books.

Charles Perrault, her third song however, drops back to a more mid-2000’s sound with it’s gritty Akai MPD style percussions and drums, really pushing in the aggressiveness of this beat. Going against the rules of a fairytale, Juste Shani breaks down the illusions of real life by pulling parallels to stories like Sleeping Beauty (which, fun fact, was a story originally written by Charles Perrault. Thanks, Wikipedia.) and Snow White.

Ending this marvelous album is Vie de rêve, which is personally my favourite track from the album. Why? Because it completely rewrites the way how trap is made. Finally adding the much needed flesh around an otherwise very bland music genre, Vie de rêve has got to be the album’s best piece. This is the song where she plants her foot down. In the lyrics clearly one thing comes up: never forget Shani and her powerful verses.

This is one rapper I really will look forward to seeing at the top charts of France in the future. Energy, power and something much needed: a woman at the helm of rapping about societal problems.


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