Groovy Japanophilia from the Réunion


Agrume, the new French household name of future funk/new wave /vapourwave or however you like to call it has teased us with a very classic french house style take on his signature usage of Japanese samples with Worldwide Weeb.

Spicing the entire track with token Japanese sound effects from all kinds of sources, ranging from the likes of comedic duo Downtown and Fist of the North Star, the whole song is energy throughout the very classic bass tones of house and hi-hat reminescent of the style Thomas Bangalter coined in his Roulé days.

Literally tapping my feet and bobbing my head to the rhythm of the song, I could imagine a full summer party floor being filled by happy party goers at a tropical resort. Not only that, but with the very interesting take in sampling as more of a way to emulate a radio channel being browsed through, this one is a promising introduction to Agrume’s up and coming album Revival that will drop May 3rd. Mark that down folks, you don’t want to miss on this future funk master.

Check out Agrume on these following links:

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